New podcast by COAFians to inspire rural Armenian women

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2 min readFeb 28, 2022


by Nane Vardanyan

Want to inspire women around the world? Start a podcast, just like COAFians!

Students of COAF’s social-financial Aflatoun education program have launched a series of podcasts aiming to empower women in rural communities to become change-makers in their own lives and society. Save Արտենին զրուցում է․․․(“Arteni talks to…”) by the young voices of COAF in your podcast list!

It all began with research. When studying gender equality issues in rural settings, COAFians found out that women in the community weren’t proactive and courageous enough in taking initiatives — they often limited themselves to restrictive stereotypes and public opinion.

One woman’s success helps another woman’s success

The best way to teach is to set an example. After thoroughly analyzing the situation and its cultural peculiarities, our students found out that an effective way to bring about change in the community was to voice about existing cases and inspire women by other women who make a difference in their environment.

“We decided to start a podcast and host women who will tell their story, thus encouraging others to pave their path the way they wish,” says Armine Asatryan, a student who hosts the podcast — it’s her first anchoring experience.

Students take care of the whole podcast production: from the topic and guest selection to recording, editing, and publishing. “At first, we were afraid that the podcast wouldn’t succeed and that people wouldn’t listen to it. Luckily, the result proved us adversely, and we decided to continue,” says Armine.

“Arteni talks to…” podcast series has already released two podcasts:

Through the series, COAFians address topics relating to balancing career and motherhood, starting own business, turning hobbies into a source of income, and others.

If you want to discover the young people with hidden potential in Armenia, get to know brave women who break stereotypes around them, and find a source of motivation, then “Arteni talks to…” — listen in!



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