Digital artworks that will make their way to an open-air studio

Children of Armenia Fund
3 min readMay 17, 2022


by Nane Vardanyan

At the Lori COAF SMART Center, everyone’s special in their own way. If there is one thing our longtime student Nvard Petrosyan is famous for, it’s her digital artworks.

Digital Drawing is just one of the programs she has enrolled in, together with English, Performing Arts, Programming, Chinese, and Sound Design programs. Here are a few things the 17-year-old artist from Lori’s Odzun village finds inspiration in.

Understanding Van Gogh

Van Gogh has a special place in Nvard’s heart and creative mindset. Not only the artist’s masterpieces but also his story, the drama of his life, have substantially impacted her. Nvard was especially touched to learn that Van Gogh had only sold one of his paintings when alive. Vincent’s painting style and warm colors are abstractly reflected in Nvard’s artworks.

The dream city

The city Nvard is most passionate about is Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, famous for its rich heritage of art and festivals. “For me, Edinburgh is the city with the most beautiful architecture,” she says, longing to see the city with her own eyes one day.

Open-air studio

What can an artist who looks for aesthetics in everything dream of? Of course, of an open-air studio! Being from Odzun, a village with mesmerizing nature and impressive history, the young girl dreams of having her Al Fresco studio in the cradle of mountains.

Live, love Odzun

The high tourist season is around the corner, and Nvard’s birthplace is one of the sought-after destinations in Armenia. “Tourists are the long-awaited guests for the villagers — they are warmly welcomed and treated to all the goodness that grows here: blackberries, blueberries, strawberries.”

Dreams born at SMART

“SMART Center has broken many stereotypes in me, broadened my worldview, and gave birth to my dreams. You can never get bored at SMART if you’re passionate about learning — all the opportunities are created for that,” says Nvard.

SMART is a place where dreams are born. It’s the curriculum, instructors, architecture, and young minds that make it a full experience.



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