Architectural Competition for COAF SMART Campus in Armavir, Armenia

“The COAF SMART Campus is about a concept. Hence, we announced an architectural competition as we had the concept first, and now we want to find the architect who can realize our concept most creatively. The international competition increases the likelihood of receiving creative-minded projects. Second, we want to make Armenia part of global happenings — with this step, the advancement of rural Armenia is taking a global level. And finally, we’re expanding our partners globally, which translates as progress for our organization and the country,” explained COAF Managing Director Korioun Khatchadourian.

“The number of international architectural competitions organized during the independence of Armenia does not exceed ten. I hope that we will be able to create an open and competitive process and have the best architectural concept for the COAF SMART Campus,” mentioned the Competition Jury member Sarhat Petrosyan.



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