by Nane Vardanyan

Starting life with a clean slate at a new home is the sole beam of hope and comfort to the many Artsakhian people displaced by the war.

Months after the armed conflict in Artsakh (aka Nagorno-Karabakh), 150 displaced families are still hosted by families in our beneficiary villages. They are fully involved in COAF’s ongoing programs (education, health, child and family services) in addition to the aid provided for them in the wake of the war.

COAF’s 2020 Moving Mountains virtual fundraising event, held in December, raised funds to provide dignified, sanitary housing for displaced Artsakhians. As…

by Nane Vardanyan

High tourist season is close, but the pandemic might still play out in 2021 and beyond. We — the most adaptable creatures in the entire universe — have learned to live or even travel with it.

Every day over a dozen COAF team members together with our drivers head to different villages for work from our Yerevan office. Our activity has expanded to over 60 villages in five regions of Armenia — imagine how diverse our road trips are!

Would you feel like joining one of them? You absolutely can — virtually!

We are launching a brand…

by Nane Vardanyan

It takes a village to raise a child. It takes children to raise a village.

Childhood memories may be varied. “I was overjoyed when my parents took me to the farm to either sow potatoes or to uproot them. I was happy that I had to work, and not just dash through the grass,” recalls COAF Alumna Anna Martirosyan, one of the young residents of Zorakan.

by Nane Vardanyan

A few hours ago, after 106 years, US President Joe Biden officially recognized the Armenian Genocide. And what have we been busy with when the news came?

This year, we decided to honor the memory of the innocent victims of Meds Yeghern with work that would better our rural communities.

by Nane Vardanyan

To fall in love with education and become a lifelong learner

Have you ever thought about what the school of your dreams would be like? What would be the tasks, if any? What would you prefer to be taught?

Education is a worldwide value, a life-changing resource that some take for granted, some cherish immensely. The key to success may vary, but one thing is for sure — education is the passport to a better future. As long as one has access to it, lots of opportunities come knocking if we are receptive.


by Nane Vardanyan

Air rich in oxygen, clean food, and breathtaking nature all around are some of the luxuries of Koti village of Armenia’s alpine Tavush region. Urban people would be jealous to live in such surroundings, and if so, they may have to pay for it possibly a lot.

Still, here “Our village is very close to the border” sounds like a verdict or the shortest way to describe the lifestyle of the people of Koti.

Life with its problems is different in a village with an approximately 25 miles long border with Azerbaijan. Springs, though, are alike. …

by Nane Vardanyan

Feeling like a native in a country you have never been to

Many might relate that having an Armenian first name and introducing yourself when abroad can be challenging, of course, if your name isn’t Ann, Mary, or David.

Araks Avetisyan. “Some think my name sounds miserable, some think it sounds rude, and some — that it’s a male name,” tells Araks in a vivacious voice.

It’s been a month that Araks has had an internship at COAF’s Health services to examine the patients living in the villages of the Armavir region. …

by Nane Vardanyan

Rayter. It’s a name Artak had heard and liked. So he took it as his YouTube channel and Instagram page name.

Meet Artak Mnatsakanyan or, as many know him, Rayter Art, a COAF SMART Center student from Odzun, a mountainous village with extraterrestrial beauty. The fresh air that fills you with inspiration and nature that encourages you to dream big… What else can one need to be creative?

It’s been five years since Artak became a lifestyle blogger besides being a student. …

by Nane Vardanyan

Apricots will soon bloom, paving the way for apple trees. Homeyards will soon smell with enchanting Maytime aromas. Nature is blossoming again, and rural Armenian villagers are going through their spring gardening checklist: cleaning up the yards, cultivating the trees, and sowing seeds.

The haystacks are still luxuriously lined up in the yards of the houses, but they have already shrunk in size. The winter is over. So will soon be the piles.

by Nane Vardanyan

Irreversible human loss, thousands of displaced people hardly with any belongings, and enduring uncertainty․․․ The wounds of the recent war Azerbaijan launched against Artsakh last year are still fresh and will long be.

Hundreds of families with their lives cruelly interrupted by the war have resided in our beneficiary rural communities since the beginning of the war. With our global community of supporters, we have assumed the duty of standing with these people in every possible way.

From the provision of basic necessities like primary food, hygiene, and household supplies and clothes to psychological assistance and health…

Children of Armenia Fund

Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) is a non-profit organization that employs community-led approaches aimed at improving the quality of life in rural Armenia.

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